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How to carry out the industrial cold water machine daily maintenance and maintenance

How to carry out the industrial cold water machine daily maintenance and maintenance
Issue Time:2017-07-07

Water chiller operation process

(1) to prepare before starting the work

1) confirm the unit and the controller of power supply is connected.

2) confirm the cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, cooling water pump have been opened.

3) confirm the terminal fan coil units have been electricity open.

(2) to start

1) press the state key ON the keyboard, then the following keyboard unit ON/OFF switch (ON/OFF toggle switch to ON (ON) a place.

2) the unit will make a self-checking, after a few seconds, a compressor start, after waiting for load increase another compressor startup.

3) once the unit, all operations are not automatic.Unit according to the cooling load (chilled water for the return water temperature) automatic start-stop of change.

(3) the normal operation

1) the normal operation of unit, the controller will monitor the oil pressure, motor current and other parameters in the system, once appear any questions, the control system will automatically take corresponding measures to protect the unit, the unit and the fault information is displayed on the screen.(please refer to the installation, operation and maintenance manual)

2) run in every 24 hours period, should have a specialist at a fixed time interval permanent record unit operation condition.

(4) stop

1) as long as the keyboard unit below the position of the switch ON/OFF toggle switch to disconnect, can cause the machine stop.

2) to prevent damage, even when the machine stop, don't cut off the power supply of the unit.

3, fan, water pump operation

(1) the cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, cooling water pump are independent of control and should be confirmed before starting the power supply is normal, no reverse phase, phase.

(2) pump open should confirm the pipeline valves have been opened before.

Cold water machine the basic maintenance

Open and stop water chiller sequence To ensure that the host starts to run normally, must ensure that:

(1) the condenser heat dissipation good, otherwise you will because of the cold - coagulation temperature and corresponding condensing pressure is too high, the water chiller high pressure protection device for parking, and even lead to failure.

(2) should be circulating evaporator in cold water, otherwise you will because of the cold water temperature is low, causing the cold water temperature protection device for parking, or due to the evaporation temperature and the corresponding evaporating pressure is too low, is a low voltage protection device action of the chiller and parking, even result in cold water and ice in the evaporator and damage equipment.Chiller, therefore, the boot sequence is: (must strictly abide by the cooling tower fan cooling water pump - > open - > cold water pump to open - > open chiller water chillers must strictly abide by) chiller stop order is: (- > - > cooling tower fan pause cooling water pump stop - > cold water pump stop

Cold water machine maintenance matters needing attention

1) stop, water chiller should be half an hour before closing, cold water pump shut down again after work, is beneficial to save energy, and to avoid downtime, protection unit.

Make sure that the heating cycle (2) run refrigeration cycle before pipeline valve is fully closed.