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What kind of industries chillers applied?

What kind of industries chillers applied?
Update Time:2017-07-27

Q: What kind of industries chillers applied?

A: Water chilling and cooling is needed in almost all areas of industry. HERO-TECH chillers are particularlysuitable for the textile, food processing, plastics, pharmaceutical, beverages, engineering, glass, laser andelectronics industries in the following applications:

To improve the quality of the nished item and increase productivity:
Product cooling: plastic, rubber, aluminium, steel & similar materials, foodstuffs, paints, gases.

To increase safety and control:
Process cooling: air, combustion fumes, solvents, contact surfaces, work surfaces.

To prevent overheating, wear and loss of production and increase operator safety:Machine cooling: direct or indirect (cooling oil temperature control).

Ambient cooling: cold rooms, air conditioning, electrical panels, cooling tunnels.
Drying (in combination with aftercoolers) of: compressed air, technical and biogases, control air,

chemical/pharmaceutical products, paints.
Other applications: temperature control of baths, ovens, chemical reactors, special applications.


Printing Systems
Coating Systems
Chemical and PharmaceuticalPlastics ProcessingThermoform MachinesInjection Moulding
Plasma Coating
Medical Imaging
Food & Beverage IndustryBottling systems
Wine production
Dairy products
Cutting tools
Numerical control machinesSpindles
Welding machines
Cooling hydraulic oil
Metal plating
Compressed Air TreatmentTechnical gases-coolingLaser technology
UV systems