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Why Use a Chiller for Your Injection Molding Process?

Why Use a Chiller for Your Injection Molding Process?
Update Time:2017-05-10

There aretwo main reasons for using a chiller for the injection mold cooling process.

1.   To protectyour equipment: while the chiller represents a small cost of the processingequipment, it provides solid protection of your investment, 24 hours a day, 7days a week for years and years to come.

2.   To increaseproduction: maintaining a constant and proper cooling temperature in yourprocess equipment will increase the number of parts produced per hour, and asignificant reduction in the number of defective parts.

Using achiller means:

l   Less Scrap:a consistent and reliable supply of the proper temperature to the process whichmeans less scrap.

l   Better HeatTransfer Rates, Less Maintenance and Downtime: because a chiller uses a closedwater loop, a better quality of water will be used, resulting in better heattransfer rates, less required maintenance and decreased downtime.

l   Colder Water:a chiller can produce much colder water (or water/glycol mixture) than any ofthe other cooling alternatives, giving you certain advantages under somecircumstances.