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How to find a suitable chiller supplier?

How to find a suitable chiller supplier?
Update Time:2017-07-29

Beingan sourcing engineer, this question must have been bothering you from thebeginning. You may have a name list that contains a large number of supplier,but who is the suitable one?

Toknow a company you never contacted before, the first thought for you may beasking help of the internet. Indeed, in this information age, most manufacturesput their information on the internet. But website does not tell youeverything, does it? 

Quality, Service and Price, the three factors most important for you.Hero-Tech put QUALITY at the top, we believe you do, too. So, how do you judgea supplier's quality system before you place an order? I personally have beenspecializing in chiller exporting for years, the following are my own opinionfor this.

Youcan get photos from the potential supplier, and have a general impression ofthe equipment. For the outside appearance you can check about:

(1)thefan quantity and size. For air cooled chiller unit, the cooling air flow influencesthe condensing effect.

(2)Thecondenser size, for condenser size too small influence the equipmentperformance much.

(3)Themachine case details including inlet and outlet connector.

Sometimesyou can get pictures for inside structure, then you can full play to check ifthe system designation is reasonable, and if the details are well handled. Thesystem main structure of the chiller units from different manufacturers, butthe layout and connections are different.

Somesuppliers will provide the components list, mainly for Compressor, Pump, Fan,Thermal components, Electric components, etc. Normally, compressor are allnon-Chinese brand. For scroll type compressor, Copeland and Danfoss are mostpopular in the market. For electric and thermal components, you may be familiarwith Schneider, LS, Emerson, etc. For fan and water pump, most company employChinese brand but use oversea brand on request. There are several brandwell-accepted in Chinese chiller industry, such as CNP and Minamoto Pump, Maer,Fulihua and Xianghe fan. To some extend, the components adopted in theequipment show the company's level.

You can not judge anequipment quality just by the components list, can you? A mature equipmentmanufacturer will have a strict quality control system, some documents aavailable. You may check their documents for testing, what is the actualrunning efficiency. Completeness of document suggest the company's goodmanagement.